About Us

Ingenious care limited (ICL) is a unique special child development center offering early childhood learning and caring facilities for your beloved special children. Through early childhood special education services, we can identify student development needs at an early age and help students be prepared for early school entry. In addition, services will continue as needed when a child reaches school age. We provide services for those children who have developmental delay, disability or at risk and children with special needs. Also we are working with children as well as mother or caregiver to provide mother child stimulation.

We have highly professional, trained and committed special educator and Therapist. who love to treat your children of their own and firmly believe the saying ”your children are our children”

Its child friendly and wide spacious classrooms are fully air conditioned and colorfully decorated with various interesting, funny and exciting materials which ensure full of fun for the development of your beloved special child.

Our motto is “special child needs special care”


The mission of ingenious care limited is to provide quality learning and caring facilities with special attention to the children with special needs in between the age of 2 to 10 years. This will help to boost up child development through enhancement and change of child physical, sensory, verbal, social and emotional activities.

Create an opportunity to development language skills through using active verbal and non-verbal communication with the children

Continuous nurturing skills play an important role for the development of a special child. So, we trained the parents and caregivers, how to support or assist the children after school in house.

In this program, we try to reduce the level of development obstructions of a child and make him/her a self-dependent social person, Overall to establish them in the main stream of the society.


Morning (9:00am – 11:30am)

Day (12:00pm – 2.30pm)

Evening (5:30pm – 8:00pm)



2 year to 10 year


  1. M. Ahsan Habib
  1. Md. Nazmul Huda
    Managing director
  1. Mrs. Munia Sharmeen Helay
  1. Mrs. Eshrat Jahan



  1. Md. Nazmul Huda (M.Com).DU
    Head of admin & accounts
  1. Mrs. Eshrat Jahan
    B.Sc(honrs.) child development & family relation. DU
    M.Sc. child development & Social relation. DU

    Bachelor of special education (BSED). BUP
    Principal, Ingenious Care Limited.
  1. Mrs. Munia Shirmeen Haley (B.Sc in Occupational therapy)BHPI, CRP, DU
    Senior Occupational therapist and consultant
    Head of Therapy department,Ingenious Care Limited
  1. Mrs. Musfia Rahman
    B.a (honrs.) M.A
    Bachelor of special education (BSED). BUP

    School in charge